2015 was an interesting year

I became addicted. To a UK/US TV show called Humans. Through Twitter I then learnt about Fan Fiction, read a good number of works by other fans on AO3. A work of my own was created, in the process I found the great app Voice Dream Writer and a second addiction started. New Years Eve I posted the fifth and what will be for a while the last volume, taking the set to ~ 160 thousand words. I post under MARKSE if anyone wants to go looking. It's reignited my love for writing, reminded me of some earlier works I'd forgotten.

One family member asked "Who are you writing this for, who will read it?"

I wrote it for me.

If others like it it's a bonus. A massive thanks to Sam Vincent, co-author of Humans for encouraging me to do it.  And thanks to George Lucas for being open about his film making post Star Wars. Art has to be for the satisfaction of the artist first. Otherwise what's the point? Doing something purely for the money doesn't feed the soul. I've had fun and will continue to look for ways to let my creative side out to play.

2015 also had it's worrying moments with my father becoming unwell. Thankfully he's turned a corner and is now recovering. He's a brilliant father, set me on a good path at a very early age with a comment I'll never forget. "Before you start a job make sure you have the right tools. If you don't have them buy them. If you can't buy them make them". It's something I've applied to both physical and software making activities many a time. Love you Dad. And Mum for being the caring person you are.
It's been a year full of laughter and the odd tear.  If I was a Persona Synthetic or Android like Data in Star Trek people would say my emotion chip was broken. Stuck at full on. Hopefully this year will be less emotionally draining.

I'm going to try and do something different in 2016. Instead of being in VDW all of my free time I'm going to limit myself to one evening only. Why stop something you love? The other weekday evenings will each be assigned to other things, when not doing things with family. So here's my list.

Writing, one night only.
Learning. (Reading a stack of technical manuals)
Going to MakerSpace (Rebooting my many projects)
Office Admin (Aka fighting spam! Paper filing)
Marketing (My weekend Street View | Trusted work)

Don't wish me luck. Luck sometimes has a part to play in things working, but knowledge, experience and effort play a bigger role. People say it's who you know not what you know. I disagree, the who you know gets the what you know seen. One without the other doesn't work. You need both.

A massive thanks to everyone that's helped my family in one way or another in 2015, or enriched our experiences through song, dance, acting or any of the other creative art forms. To all my family and friends, friends I'm yet to meet, I wish you a happy, safe and prosperous 2016!

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